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Turtle Beach announces their first sim racing product: a direct drive, pedal and button box bundle

Turtle Beach announces their first sim racing product: a direct drive, pedal and button box bundle

, by Alex Myastan, 4 min reading time

Looking at all the released information on the Turtle Beach VelocityOne™ Race wheel bundle, speculating about unreleased specifications and comparing it to similar bundles.

Turtle Beach have announced their first sim racing product: A bundle consisting of a direct drive wheel, wheel rim, dashboard, three pedals and a button box. So, where does this VelocityOne™ Race bundle fit into the ever-growing catalogue of sim racing products?

It comes in at $649/€699 for the entire bundle, which positions it as an entry-level package. This sounds like a promising all-in-one bundle, but without specifications it’s difficult to compare its value. Although, we can try…

We know it’s a direct-drive, powered by a trademarked force feedback system called K:Drive™ (Kinetic Drive), which promises high fidelity. The questions remain though: How high fidelity? And how much torque?

Given its price, it looks to be competing directly with a comparable Moza R5 bundle ($639; $499 on sale) and just above a Fanatec CSL DD 5 N⋅m bundle ($479). We can fairly confidently guess that it will come in at ~5 N⋅m, and will aim to match Moza in fidelity.

Similarly, the brake pedal is a load-cell (good!), but what load can it take? Most pedals come in at around 100 kg of load capacity. On the track, drivers exert 80-130 kg of weight on their brakes, but G-Forces add to this weight. In a sim pedal, 30-40 kg is good enough, as we detail in our pedal guide. Turtle Beach’s offering should cover this capacity.

Image of someone using a direct drive, over the shoulder

The VelocityOne Race looks to be a well finished, full entry-level sim racing package.

Of course we are speculating, but Turtle Beach has proven that they are serious about making good quality simulation equipment with their VelocityOne™ range, which has garnered good reputation in the flight simulation community. We can confirm these speculations when the VelocityOne™ Race goes on sale on 26 February 2024.

However, the VelocityOne™ Race does look to differentiate with a few features. Their Control Unit™ is a small button box that fits on either side of the wheel base. Their Race Management Display™ (RMD) is a display embedded in the wheel base, showing real-time telemetry.

This wheel is Xbox compatible and it finds itself in a sweet spot in the market: Between the budget option of the Moza R3 bundle (expected to sell at around $400) and the mid-range Logitech G-Pro bundle ($1349). See our article for best Xbox wheels, which features every single option on the market.

Feature Overview

  • Direct Drive: A trademarked force feedback technology, called K:Drive™, that promises high-fidelity. It will likely come in at ~5 N⋅m.
  • Wheel Rim: A hand-stitched leather steering wheel, with two Mag-Shift™ paddle shifters and two analog shifters that use magnetic hall effect sensors (not sure what distinguishes the Mag-Shift™ from the analog shifters). The wheel looks to have 6 push buttons, 4 rotary dials and some other buttons.
  • Pedal Set: Includes a throttle, clutch and brake pedal, all using aluminium as the main material. The brake pedal will use a load cell, using what they call Dynamic Brake Tek™ .
  • VelocityOne™ Control Unit™ (VCU): This small button box that can attach on either side of the wheel base has 6 buttons, 5 latched toggle switches, and 3 rotary dials that can be easily mapped on the RMD.
  • Race Management Display™: A display embedded in the wheel base that can show you real-time telemetry information, and can be used to adjust various settings.
  • Software: The VelocityOne™ Race includes a tuner app that enables you to change various settings. This includes something called Superhuman Hearing™, which allows you to quickly adjust volume input and output of various sources. This feature exists to highlight Turtle Beach’s origins: creating music hardware… since the 1970s might I add!
  • Compatibility: It’s compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Windows 11. We’ll have to wait to see specific game compatibilities.

Turtle Beach has done an excellent job on their announcement video… Could do with more of these in the sim racing industry!

We’re hoping for Turtle Beach to honour their reputation as the enter the accelerating sim racing industry with the VelocityOne™ Race. Competition is always healthy, and we are expecting Turtle Beach to deliver. Thanks for reading this article on our SimKnowledge&News™ (SKN) blog and WeHopeToSeeYouSoon™.

Note: All bundles and prices in this post include a 3 pedal set, wheel rim and wheel base, so that we can compare oranges with oranges. These prices might also change depending on outlet and over time.



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