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Will there be a new dirt game?

Will There Be A New Dirt Game? Potential End Of An Era

, by Mark Verwoert, 3 min reading time

Will the WRC license acquisition of EA be the final nail in the coffin of the Dirt Series?

The Dirt series, developed by Codemasters, has long been a staple in the off-road racing genre, captivating players with its thrilling blend of rally, rallycross, and other extreme driving disciplines. However, the future of the series has become increasingly uncertain following the acquisition of Codemasters by Electronic Arts (EA) in 2021. With EA's focus on more accessible and casual racing games, there is speculation that the Dirt series could undergo significant changes, including the cancellation of Dirt Rally and the merger of Dirt and WRC to create an all-new title, EA WRC.

The Potential Cancellation of Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally, a standalone spinoff of the Dirt series, gained popularity for its realistic and challenging rally racing experience. The game's in-depth physics and handling mechanics were well-received by racing enthusiasts, but it also had a narrower appeal compared to the more arcade-style mainline Dirt titles. With EA's focus on mass-market appeal, there is a possibility that Dirt Rally could be discontinued in favor of a merger where arcade and realism are combined.

The Merger of Dirt and WRC: A Possible Future

WRC, the official licensee of the World Rally Championship, is another significant player in the soap surrounding the future of Dirt. Codemasters' acquisition of the WRC rights in 2023 has opened up the possibility of a merger between the Dirt and WRC franchises. This could result in a single game that combines the more arcade-style gameplay of Dirt with the more realistic racing of WRC, potentially creating a more appealing and marketable franchise for the wider audience.

EA WRC: A Potential Force or a Big Flop

The new EA WRC game, combining the expertise of both Codemasters and EA, could be a major force in the racing genre. EA's proven track record in creating successful racing titles, coupled with Codemasters' experience in developing off-road racing games, could result in a game of unparalleled quality and appeal. However, there are also concerns that EA might oversimplify the gameplay to appeal to a wider audience, potentially alienating hardcore rally fans who prefer the more realistic approach. Personally, I think it's a risky move to combine two franchises with such different cultures. 

Dirt originally started as a counter move to the big game developers. Creating a game for gamers made by gamers kind of idea. It therefore is a bit ironic that the developer behind Dirt has been bought by EA. Furthermore, it can even be swallowed by the giant... Did David lose? Or is the merger like Vegeta and Goku, creating a best of two worlds? Only time will tell. 

Read our full review on the new EA WRC game here.

A Blow to Dirt Fans

The potential cancellation of new Dirt series and the merger of Dirt and WRC into EA WRC would be a significant blow to fans of the series. Dirt has a dedicated following, and many fans appreciate its small culture and dedicated team. Dirt created a real Dirt following with its own culture. However, EA's focus on mass appeal is likely to prioritize a more mainstream title like EA WRC, potentially leaving behind those who prefer the more challenging and immersive experience of Dirt Rally or arcade-styled Dirt games.


The future of the Dirt series is complex and uncertain. While EA's involvement could bring significant resources and expertise to the franchise, it also raises concerns about potentially watering down the series' core values. It will be crucial for EA to strike a balance between appealing to a wider audience while maintaining the depth and realism that have made Dirt a favorite among racing enthusiasts.

Only time will tell how EA will shape the future of Dirt, but it is clear that the series is at a crossroads. Whether it will continue to exist as a distinct entity or merge with WRC under the EA banner remains to be seen. 



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