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By Simplace, 28 december 2020

5 Best Sim Racing Cockpits in 2021

Sim Racing saw a huge spike in 2020 when the world turned to it when actual racing shut down for months to come. As such, a whole new audience has been added to the virtual racing space, and there's a lot of equipment you can get to make your experience even better. A proper cockpit is a good investment because you want to be comfortable, and you want your gear well supported. Below we will describe the best sim racing cockpits that are available on the current market.

The beginner

trak racer fs3
trak racer fs3


The Trak Racer FS3 is the perfect first cockpit for beginners. It is compact, lightweight but durable and has an attractive price. The Trak Racer FS3 folds away to make it simpler when you're not using it, and optionally even the casters can be used to move the cockpit quickly. It's adjustable to help you get a good fit, you have room for a gearshift mount, and the optional display mount allows you to have one easy-to-use, all-in-one solution! 

Trak Racer FS3 Features:

  • Price: €159 incl. VAT 

  • Adjustable Pedal Mount Features
    • Compatible with PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One, Wii and more
    • Compatible with all the popular steering wheel, shifter and pedal sets on the market (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec and so on)
    • Adjustable Left and Right Side Gear Shift mount with pre-drilled mounting points
    • Adjustable Pedal Plate - Angle and Slider
    • Fully Adjustable steering wheel mount - Angle and Slider
    • Compact Folding Design
    • Superior build quality, stability and comfort

  • Frame/Chassis Features - Also Mounts to Optional Seat for Future Expansion (coming soon)
    • Adjustable Height
    • Rigid Frame Constructed from Premium Materials
    • Folds up to a Compact Size for Storage
    • Wide Leg Stance - Suitable for Office Chairs!
    • 650mm wide for firm stance when racing
    • Hard-Wood Floor Safe Rubber Feet
    • Finished in high-grade steel tubing
    • Folds away in a matter of Seconds

  • Adjustable Wheel Mount Features
    • Solid construction
    • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand wheels
    • 3-Point Adjustment allows you to adjust the height and angle of the mount
    • Distance Slider for perfect ergonomics

  • Adjustable Pedal Mount Features
    • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals
    • Angle Adjustable with Realistic Inclined Angle
    • Distance Slider for perfect ergonomics
  • What's Included

    • High Quality Chassis with Assembly Instructions
    • Left/Right Adjustable Gear Shifter Mount
    • Angle and Height Adjustable Wheel Mount
    • Angle Adjustable Pedal Mount
    • Tools and Screws for Assemb

Getting serious

simxpro xrs80
simxpro xrs80

The SimXPro XRS80 is an incredible piece of equipment. 
this sim racing rig is based on strength and adjustability. Suitable for regular wheels and Direct Drives which makes it suitable for every sim racer! A compact simulator that can be set up completely according to your wishes. Various wheel mounts are available. This way you can easily attach any wheel without flex. The XRS side plates are unique because of the ability to adjust the angle of your uprights. The XRS Seat mount can be raised and lowered on both sides, but also tilted. You can race GT, Rally and F1 with a few adjustments in the same sim. The design of the shifter mount is made in such a way that it does not affect the adjustability of the uprights. This mount is optional. Expanding and upgrading is very easy because all our parts can be used with all our profiles. So you are not tied to one model or a fixed setup.

SimXPro XRS80 Features:

  • Price: €489,00
  • Aluminium profiles, black powder coated:
    • 2x 1200 mm - 4080 profiles
    • 2x 750 mm - 4080 profiles
    • 2x 420 mm - 4080 profiles
    • 2x 320 mm - 4040 profiles

  • Corner brackets:

    • 4x 4080 corner brackets

  • Pedal tray:

    • 1x Pedal tray, 3 mm hardened steel 

      (description below)
    • Wheel mount: 1x Universal wheel mount, 3mm hardened steel
    • Compatible with: The pre-drilled pattern fits all the common brands in the market.
  • Optional front mounts:
    • Fanatec CSL Elite, 6 mm hardened steel. Only compatible with CSL Elite
    • Fanatec DD1/DD2, 8 mm hardened steel. Compatible with: All Fanatec DD's with side mount
    • Universal front mount, 8 mm hardened steel.
      Compatible with: OSW Mige 130 series, SimSteering AKM5x, Lenze MCS12H, SimuCube 2 Sport, Ultimate and Pro, Accuforce Pro

  • XRS seat mount:
    • 3 mm hardened steel, brake pressed and with sliding holes to adjust the width for different seats.
    • The XRS seat mount connects to 320mm 4040 aluminium profiles where you attach the seat mount of your seat.
    • In case the fitting area is not responding to your seat then you can flip around the XRS seat mounts or the mounts of the seat to create the correct width
  • Others:
    • 2x XRS Sideplate 6 mm hardened steel
    • 4x Color strip that you can cut to size with a sharp Stanley knife
    • 1x XRS Frontwing
    • 4x rubber dampers
    • End caps for all visible profiles
    • Cover caps for all visible nuts
    • Bolts and (t-)nuts to assemble everything
    • Building instructions

Next Level

srt sim style rig

Searching for the best way of getting the real racing emotions at home? The SRT Sim Style Cockpit easily can give it to you! This model is the best one of our product line. It has some nice stylish details, like carbon fibre floor, red logo inserts and extra frame tubes which gives the rig additional stiffness. Also, this rig combines the performance and it has easier access to the cockpit. This simulator frame is made out of bent steel tubes. Powder coated, which provides durability - paint will not come off the metal after prolonged usage. The set includes runner slides on which almost any racing seat can be placed. The steering wheel mount has adjustable height, distance and angle. The SRT Style rig is easy to install and easy to add additional editional equipment, like: monitor mount, keyboard mount, pc mount, etc.

SRT Sim Style Features:

  • Price: €760,00

  • What is in the box
    • Simulator frame, Universal pedal box mount plate, Universal steering wheel mount plate, Steel floor panel, fastenings.

  • Suitable steering wheels
    • Fanatec (Podium, CubSport, CSL), Thrusmasters, AccuForce, Logitech, Mige 130ST series, Bondar Simsteering Kollmorgen AKM Series 5, Lenze MCS12H, SimuCube 2 (Sport, Pro, Ultimate)

  • Suitable pedals
    • Fanatec pedals (ClubSport, CSL Elite), Heusinkveld pedals (Sprint, Pro, Ultimate), SIMTAG hydraulic pedals, Logitech pedals


The Pro

trak racer tr8020 tr160
trak racer tr8020 tr160

The TR160 is an amazing piece of equipment, made of 80/20 extruded aluminum and finished in a stealthy black paint job. It comes with a GT-style fiberglass seat, adjustable wheel deck, adjustable shifter mount, adjustable pedal mount, seat slider rails and legs designed to protect your floor. It's supremely solid and stable, holding flex to a minimum even with the most efficient direct-drive wheels, and it's backed by a five-year guarantee of peace of mind.

Trak Racer TR160 Features:

  • Price: €790,00

    • BONUS Seat Mounting Brackets
    • BONUS Seat Sliding Rails and Adjustment Bar
    • BONUS Stabilizing Rubber Feet and Plates to protect floors and level your rig
    • BONUS Adjustable Gear Shift Mount
    • 160mm x 40mm Black Anodized Aluminium Chassis
    • 120mm x 40mm Black Anodized Aluminium Wheel Supports
    • 80mm x 40mm Black Anodized Aluminium Shifter Support
    • Direct Drive Wheel Mount with Full Slide and Angle Adjustment
    • Fully Adjustable Pedal Mount (pre-drilled for pedals)
    • All Mounting Screws, Brackets and Fixtures included
    • Assembly Tool Kit Included
    • Constructed from high quality extruded aluminium in different profiles sizes including 10-Slot 160 x 40mm, 8-Slot 120 x 40mm and 6-Slot 80 x 40mm
    • 660mm wide and 1440mm long for a firm stance when racing
    • Low ground clearance with hard wood rubber floor protectors
    • Finished in black anodized high quality aluminium

    • Full adjustment including angle and sliding function
    • Designed to fit SimExperience, Lenze, Mige, OSW, Fanatec, SimuCube and more

    • Unique Bracket Design allows you to position the pedal plate above, or below the top of the chassis
    • Hassle Free Angle Adjustment with the Tool-free screw
    • Fully adjustable bracket for both angle, height and slide
    • Thick, no-flex Carbon Steel Construction
    • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand pedals

    • The Distance Slider mount allows you to fine-tune the mount to the most ergonomic position for you
    • Angle Adjustment enables you to face the shifter mount inwards, flat or outwards for more customised adjustability
    • Pre-drilled mounting points for all major brand shifters including Heusinkveld, DSD, Thrustmaster, Fanatec and more

    • Includes all aluminium profiles and mounting gear
    • Main Chassis is a 10-Slot 160 x 40mm profile
    • Steering wheel uprights are 8-Slot 120 x 40mm profiles
    • Steering wheel height adjustment up to 740mm
    • Gross weight including all brackets and fixtures: 63KG PLUS Wheel Mount

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