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3 Must-Have Sim Racing Accessories | For Sale at Simplace

3 Must-Have Sim Racing Accessories | For Sale at Simplace

, Von Mark Verwoert, 4 min Lesezeit

Taking your sim racing hobby to the next level is all about immersion and control. While a great wheel and pedal set are essential, strategically chosen accessories can elevate your experience from good to great. This article explores three must-have sim racing accessories that will transform your virtual cockpit into a realistic and functional racing environment.

1. Pro Switch Panel: Unleash Granular Control

Imagine flicking a switch to activate pit lane speed limiter or adjusting traction control on the fly – just like in a real race car. The Pro Switch Panel that level of control to your sim rig. This customizable button box features high-quality, illuminated buttons and rotary encoders that can be programmed for a wide range of in-game functions.

Benefits of a Pro Switch Panel:

  • Enhanced realism: tactile buttons and switches replicate the feel of a real race car's controls, adding a layer of immersion to your sim racing experience.
  • Improved efficiency: having dedicated controls for frequently used functions like pit lane limiter, traction control, and radio communication keeps your eyes on the track and your hands on the wheel.
  • Customizable layout: the Pro Switch Panel allows you to program buttons and encoders to suit your specific needs and racing preferences.
  • Clean and organized setup: by offloading functions from your keyboard, the Pro Switch Panel declutters your sim rig, creating a more streamlined and professional-looking setup.
Pro Switch Panel

2. Triple Monitor Stand: Expand Your Field of View

For the ultimate in immersive sim racing, a triple monitor stand is a game-changer. Imagine a panoramic view of the track stretching out before you, eliminating those distracting bezels and creating a seamless visual experience. Triple monitor stands like the one offered by Simplace achieve this by securely holding three monitors in the optimal position for maximum field of view.

Benefits of a Triple Monitor Stand:

  • Unmatched immersion: a panoramic view drastically increases your field of view, creating a more realistic and immersive racing experience.
  • Improved situational awareness: with a wider field of view, you can see more of the track around you, allowing you to anticipate corners, judge racing lines, and spot potential hazards.
  • Enhanced peripheral vision: the increased field of view provides a more natural feel, similar to what you would experience in a real race car.
  • Adjustable viewing angles: most triple monitor stands allow for fine-tuning the position and angle of each monitor, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for any driver.
Triple Monitor Stand

3. Advanced Keyboard Tray: Keep Your Pit Crew Close

While a good wheel and pedals are the stars of the show, a well-placed keyboard tray is a crucial supporting player. Sim racing often requires quick access to menus, adjustments, and communication tools. The Advanced Keyboard Tray from Simplace provides a stable and convenient platform for your keyboard, keeping it within easy reach without sacrificing valuable desk space.

Benefits of an Advanced Keyboard Tray:

  • Ergonomic comfort: a keyboard tray allows you to position your keyboard at a comfortable height and angle, reducing wrist strain during long races.
  • Improved efficiency: having your keyboard readily available allows for quick access to menus, adjustments, and communication tools, keeping you focused on the race.
  • Space saving design: most advanced keyboard trays attach to your rig, keeping your keyboard off the desk and maximizing available space.
  • Sleek and functional design: advanced keyboard trays complement your sim rig's aesthetics while providing a practical solution for keyboard placement.

By incorporating these three must-have accessories – the Pro Switch Panel, Triple Monitor Stand, and Advanced Keyboard Tray – you can elevate your sim racing setup to new heights. Imagine the thrill of flicking real switches, the expansive view of a panoramic display, and the convenience of a perfectly positioned keyboard – all working together to create an unmatched sim racing experience.

Advanced Keyboard Tray

Buying Sim Racing Accessories at Simplace

Simplace is a one-stop shop for all your sim racing needs. We offer a wide variety of high-quality accessories, including the Pro Switch Panel, Triple Monitor Stand, and Advanced Keyboard Tray mentioned in this article. Visit our shop today to browse our selection and take your sim racing experience to the next level!


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