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Moza R9 V1 vs R9 V2: What's The Difference?

Moza R9 V1 vs R9 V2: What's The Difference?

, Von Alex Myastan, 5 min Lesezeit

The R9 V1 and V2 differ in how data is transmitted with the steering wheel. This impacts reliability, compatibility and pricing, and it's good to know how to visually identify each.

The Moza R9 is probably the best “budget” mid-range direct drive. However, the question is: What’s the difference between these two versions? The main difference is the Moza R9 V1 uses a wireless bluetooth connection for data transmission, while the Moza R9 V2 uses wired pins for data transmission.

The Moza R9 V1 uses a wireless bluetooth connection to connect with the features of a steering wheel. Several users reported frequent connection issues between their steering wheel and R9 V1. In the same breath, many have explicitly said they haven't had any issues with their V1 despite using it for over a year.

The Moza R9 V2 has addressed this defect by changing the connection to be wired, via extra pins in the steering column connection. However, there have been reports of heating issues and possible force feedback loss in the R9 V2, but the community speculates that this is a defect of a specific batch. Once more, these complaints are just from a subset of all the buyers.

Moza Racing R9 V1 vs R9 V2

On the surface, the difference between these two direct drives is straight-forward: Wireless vs wired data transmission. However, there are some subtleties, some additional useful information, and their respective compatibilities can impact your decision.

Comparison Factors

Factors Moza R9 V1 Moza R9 V2
Released March 2022 March 2023
Data Transmission Wireless (Bluetooth) Wired (Pins)
Power Transmission Wired (Pins) Wired (Pins)
Reported Issues Some users reported frequent signal disconnects with steering wheel Overheating and FFB issues, but seems related to one batch.
Price $300-$400 (second-hand only) $440
Identification 3 Contact Points for Pins 5 Contact Points for Pins
Force Feedback 9 N⋅m 9 N⋅m
Encoder Resolution 32768 ppr (15-bits) 32768 ppr (15-bits)

Compatible Products

Product Moza R9 V1 Moza R9 V2
KS Steering Wheel Wireless/Industrial Conductive Slip Ring Wireless/Industrial Conductive Slip Ring
ES Steering Wheel × Wired
CS V1 Wireless ×
CS V2 Wireless Wireless
RS V2 Wireless / Wired Wireless / Wired
GS Alcantara V1 Wireless ×
GS Alcantara V2 Wireless / Wired Wireless / Wired
GS Microfiber Leather V2 Wireless / Wired Wireless / Wired
FSR Formula Wheel Wireless / USB * Wireless / USB *
SR-P Lite Pedals (R5 Only) × ×

* USB only with the MOZA universal HUB.

A product catalogue of Moza Racing’s six steering wheels.

Moza currently has these six steering wheels in their catalogue, with four of these supporting the Moza R9 V2 contact points for data transmission.

How Can You Visually Distinguish The Moza R9 V1 from the R9 V2?

If you get it in the box, then the box should clearly say V2, while the V1 has no mention of “version.” The other means of identification is to count the number of pin contact points. The V1 has 3 pin contact points in the steering column, all of which transmit power. The V2 has two additional pin contact points which facilitate the transmission of data, for a total of 5 contact points.

Comparison image demonstrating the different number of contact points in the two versions of the Moza Racing R9.

The Moza R9 V1 (left) has 3 contact points, while the Moza R9 V2 (right) has 5 contact points.

Where Can You Buy The Moza R9 V1?

You’ll only be able to buy it second-hand, or via a reseller that still has V1 stock. You can check our global second-hand marketplace. As I’m writing this there is a Moza R9 for sale, although I am not sure if it is the V1.

You can also buy the Moza R9 V2 from our store, along with 20+ other Moza Racing products, including steering wheels, direct drives, pedals, accessories and bundles.

Alternatively, you can also join our mailing list to keep updated with new sales and offers. See the footer for the signup form.

Placing the Moza R9 in Market Context

The Moza R9 sits on the line between entry-level direct drives and the more powerful, high fidelity mid-range direct drives. You could consider it to be the “best budget mid-range direct drive.” Here is a quick comparison with the products near it in the market.

❱ ❱ ❱   SCROLL RIGHT   ❱ ❱ ❱
Characteristic Cammus LP8 Fanatec CSL DD/GT DD Pro Moza Racing R9 Simagic Alpha Mini Logitech G Pro Asetek La Prima Moza R12 Fanatec ClubSport DD
Peak Torque 8 Nm 8 Nm 9 Nm 10 Nm 11 Nm 12 Nm 12 Nm 12 Nm
Max Turning Angle Unspecified *2520° ~1500° 1080° *2520°
Wheel Rim Sold Separately Sold Separately Sold Separately Sold Separately Swappable Swappable Sold Separately Sold Separately
Price $500 $545-$650 $440 $630 $1000 $1050 $780 $700
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 1 Year
❱ ❱ ❱   SCROLL RIGHT   ❱ ❱ ❱

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