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About Simplace   

Hello Sim Racers and Flight Simmers, my name is Jesse Simons, founder of Simplace.

From the age of 10, I started with Flight Simulation since my dream was to become a commercial airline pilot, at the age of 16 I even started taking flying lessons in a Cessna 172 at Teuge airport in the Netherlands. However, after the age of 19, my interest in becoming a commercial airline pilot was no longer there. Besides the interest in Flying, I was also very into racing, since I watched Formula 1, Formula 2 and Indycar at a young age, due to this interest I started with Sim Racing as well and this is where it all started... 

After I finished my degree in commercial business at University at the age of 24, I started doing some research about the sim racing and flight simulation world. What I noticed is that the majority of flight simmers also tend to play sim racing and vice versa.
At this moment in time, it just clicked! Right after I was done with my degree, I started building the Simplace marketplace and it quickly got traction since manufacturers saw the benefits of our marketplace.
A central place for sim racing and flight simulation enthusiasts, where people can ask all sim-related questions, receive a fast response from me or my colleague that have years of experience and knowledge in this world and offer a large collection of professional gear. It really started to become a central place for sim racers and flight simmers worldwide. 

Due to the growth we experienced, our team grew from 2 people to now 5 sim professionals, however, with your support we can really grow Simplace to become the go-to place for sim racing and flight sim enthusiasts. 

What is our mission? Our mission is to become the world's most well-known, go-to marketplace for sim racing and flight simulation equipment, offering fast delivery and the best customer service to our community!

Our vision? Our vision is to expand the horizon of the sim industry by introducing new technology that benefits the sim industry.

Why choose us?

Because we sell a wide range of sim racing and flight simulator equipment, you as a customer don't have to spend hours searching on Google or Forums to find the right equipment for your needs. Even if you have a question regarding our sim racing or flight simulation hardware, the Simplace support team will answer your questions immediately. Besides our wide range of sim racing and flight simulation gear, we also introduced our 2nd hand marketplace in March 2023 which will make it possible for sim enthusiasts like yourself to sell your gear to one another in a safe environment. For more information, click here.

If you are a sim racing or flight simulation hardware manufacturer or reseller and you want to sell your products on Simplace, please send an email to info@simplace.co, so we can setup the vendor portal for you.

If you have any questions regarding sim racing or flight simulation, feel free to send an email (info@simplace.co) to our support team or you can also call us on the following number: +31616174186


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