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Best Black Friday Sim Racing and Flight Sim Deals in 2023

Best Black Friday Sim Racing and Flight Sim Deals in 2023

, door Alex Myastan, 9 min leestijd

Gear up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 with our expert guide tailored for sim racing and flight sim enthusiasts.

As we countdown to the starting grid of this year’s shopping Grand Prix, Black Friday is ready to wave the chequered flag on November 24, 2023, with Cyber Monday hot on its slipstream on November 27, 2023. Sim gear can cost quite a pretty penny, so if you have been eyeing something out, Black Friday might just be the right time to shift gear.

Besides having new products, we also have a marketplace for second-hand sim products which you can consider for both buying gear, and selling gear when you upgrade. The downside of this hobby is the price, but the upside is that a lot of gear is very well made and thus retains a high second-hand value.

This article will be updated with all of the deals on Simplace, so that you have a central point to consider your purchases from. FYI Simplace is a Sim Racing and Flight Sim online store based in the Netherlands, but that ships globally.


These tables will keep you updated with all the deals happening this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. One thing to note is that these discounts are set by manufacturers, and that these deals are sometimes per product, or sometimes for an entire range of products.


Product(s) Manufacturer Type Discount
F-CORE 🡵 Cube Controls Wheel Rim 6%
F-PRO 🡵 Cube Controls Wheel Rim 12%
Formula CSX-3 🡵 Cube Controls Wheel Rim 10%
GT Sport/Pro 🡵 Cube Controls Wheel Rim 16%
SP01-Pedals 🡵 Cube Controls Pedals 20%
Accessories 🡵 Cube Controls Accesories 20%
Mercedes AMG GT 🡵 Cube Controls Wheel Rim 5%
Esportsim F1 Wheel 🡵 Esportsim Wheel Rim 20%
R5 🡵 Moza Racing Wheel Bundle 8%
R9 🡵 Moza Racing Wheel Base 9%
R12 🡵 Moza Racing Wheel Base 5%
CS Wheel 🡵 Moza Racing Wheel Rim 11%
RS Wheel 🡵 Moza Racing Wheel Rim 9%
GS V2 Wheel 🡵 Moza Racing Wheel Rim 6%
FSR Wheel 🡵 Moza Racing Wheel Rim 7%
CRP Pedal 🡵 Moza Racing Pedal 8%
All P1Sim Products 🡵 P1Sim Wheels/Pedals 10%
All Sim-Lab Products 🡵 Sim-Lab Rigs/Cockpits 5%
All Trak Racer Products 🡵 Trak Racer Rigs/Cockpits 5%
All Treq Sim Products 🡵 Treq Sim Rigs/Cockpits 5%
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Product Manufacturer Type Discount
Cirrus Side Stick Yoke 🡵 RealSimGear Yoke 10%
Cirrus Throttle Quadrant 🡵 RealSimGear Throttle Quadrant 10%
Desktop Stand for G1000 PFD/MFD 🡵 RealSimGear Stand 12%
Desktop Stand for G1000 Suite 🡵 RealSimGear Stand 12%
Desktop Stand for GNS430 🡵 RealSimGear Stand 12%
Desktop Stand for GTN650 🡵 RealSimGear Stand 12%
Desktop Stand for GTN750 🡵 RealSimGear Stand 15%
Dual Desktop Stand for G5 🡵 RealSimGear Stand 15%
Dual Desktop Stand for GNS530 & GNS430 🡵 RealSimGear Stand 12%
FlightDeck Mounting Plate 🡵 RealSimGear Mounting Plate 15%
G1000 PFD/MFD 🡵 RealSimGear Display 10%
G1000 Suite 🡵 RealSimGear Display 7%
GCU47X 🡵 RealSimGear Control Unit 12%
GFC500 Autopilot 🡵 RealSimGear Autopilot 12%
GFC700 Autopilot 🡵 RealSimGear Autopilot 15%
GMA Audio Panel for G1000 🡵 RealSimGear Audio Panel 12%
GMA350 Audio Panel 🡵 RealSimGear Audio Panel 15%
GNS430 🡵 RealSimGear NAV/COMM Interface 7%
GNS530 🡵 RealSimGear NAV/COMM Interface 12%
GTN650 🡵 RealSimGear NAV/COMM Interface 12%
GTN750 🡵 RealSimGear NAV/COMM Interface 12%
Single G5 PFD/HSI for XPlane 🡵 RealSimGear Display 10%
Desktop Stand for GNS530 🡵 RealSimGear Stand 12%
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Research Sim Gear Thoroughly

Before the sales frenzy, research the sim racing wheels, pedals, rigs etc. you're eyeing, and the flight sim yokes, panels, throttle quadrants etc. Use reliable reviews to check their performance and compatibility with your system to ensure you're getting quality gear within your budget.

Our sim racing knowledge base can help you make your decision. This includes an article that compares every single wheel base on the market and another that compares 70% of cockpits on the market. We have detailed articles for direct drives, other wheel bases, cockpits/rigs, wheels, shifters, handbrakes and pedals.

Be Cautious of Off-Brand Equipment

Popular brands like Moza and Fanatec are reputable in sim racing, but beware of lesser-known brands offering enticing deals. They may not provide the same quality or durability. If a brand isn't commonly reviewed, it might be wise to steer clear.

List Multiple Retailers

Prepare a list of retailers selling the same sim gear. If a website crashes or runs out of stock, you can quickly switch to another seller.

Set Up Online Accounts Beforehand

To checkout faster during sales, create accounts with retailers in advance and save your shipping and payment details.

Simplace is an online store for sim racing and flight sim equipment that ships globally. We pride ourselves on having a wide array of products and excellent customer service. We reckon we're a good place to make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases: click here to make an account.

Create a Wishlist

This helps you monitor price drops on specific sim products during the hectic sales period.

Shop Early

Deals often start around a week before Black Friday and extend throughout November. Keep an eye on early promotions to snag your desired sim gear.

Check the Returns Policy

Online purchases generally offer a 14-day cancellation period plus a further 14 days for a refund, including original shipping costs, provided the product is in the same condition as when you received it. At Simplace, we offer the above terms. You can read more about our terms here.

Remember Cyber Monday

Don't overlook Cyber Monday as more deals could emerge after Black Friday.

Make the Most of It!

As we cross the finish line of our savvy shopper's circuit, remember that both sim racers and flight simulation aces can navigate through the sales turbulence with ease. By keeping your eyes on the prize and your hands steady on the controls, you'll bank into the perfect deals without any stalls.



We aim to create a comprehensive repository to help you make your sim racing gear decisions. Check out some of our other detailed articles:

> A Beginner's Guide to a Sim Racing Setup: This article provides an overview of your entire setup.

> Best Sim Racing Cockpits: This article recommends the top ten cockpits for all budgets and compares ~70% of all the cockpits on the market in a simple table.

> The Wheel Base Guide: A comparison of every single wheel base on the market. We show the torque, platform compatibility, price and other relevant information in tables. We also have an article that analyses the value of entry-level direct drives, and one that recommends Xbox wheel bases.

> The Steering Wheel Guide: See types of wheels and the other considerations when buying one. We also have one that ranks the 12 Best F1 Steering Wheels.

> The Wheel Compatibility Guide: See the bolt patterns and QR Hubs of all the major wheel and wheel base brands.

> The Rig and Seat Guide: See the two types of rigs and the other considerations when buying one.

> The Shifter and Handbrake Guide: A comparison of every sim racing stick shifter and handbrake on the market.

> The Pedal Guide: A comparison of all the budget and entry-level pedal sets, and the most popular mid-range and high-end pedal sets on the market.

> How to Earn Money in Sim Racing: An overview of the various ways in which you can get income from your favourite hobby.

We also publish sim related news, like analysing the value of the Fanatec ClubSport DD, reviewing the Fanatec QR2 or looking at the latest WRC updates. You can also find articles about us, like this article about our visit to the recent ADAC Sim Racing Expo.

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