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Brand Spotlight: Cube Controls

Brand Spotlight: Cube Controls

, door Mark Verwoert, 6 min leestijd

Founded in Italy by racing enthusiasts, Cube Controls has carved a niche in the sim racing market with its premium, hand-crafted hardware. Their philosophy revolves around two key aspects: authentic motorsport experience and uncompromising Italian craftsmanship.

This brand spotlight will delve into the unique selling points of Cube Controls, exploring their product range, design approach, and the values they hold dear.

About Cube Controls

Born from the love of speed and a desire for real-world racing immersion, Cube Controls emerged from the sun-soaked shores of Sardinia, Italy. Founded by two individuals with contrasting backgrounds – an ex-motorcycle racer and a sim racer with a knack for DIY hardware – Cube Controls embodies the thrill of motorsport and translates it into meticulously crafted sim racing peripherals.

Their dedication to Italian craftsmanship shines through in each product. Steering wheels are hand-assembled, meticulously checked, and individually packed, with premium materials like carbon fiber and CNC-machined aluminum chosen for both performance and aesthetics. This artisanal approach extends to their design philosophy, drawing inspiration from real-world motorsport to deliver an authentic on-track feel within your virtual cockpit.

Cube Controls doesn't simply replicate racecar components; they collaborate with professional teams to gain insights and translate them into tangible benefits for sim racers. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a passionate enthusiast, their hardware aims to bridge the gap between the virtual and the real, putting you in the driver's seat for an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Cube Controls products

Cube Controls doesn't just create sim racing hardware; they sculpt immersive experiences. Each product, meticulously hand-crafted in Italy, reflects their commitment to two core principles: uncompromising realism and Italian elegance.

Imagine gripping a steering wheel forged from the same materials found in real racecars, feeling the satisfying click of magnetic shifters, and immersing yourself in the tactile feedback of hand-stitched leather grips. That's the Cube Controls difference.

Whether you're a seasoned competitor pushing for tenths of a second or a passionate driver seeking the thrill of the virtual track, Cube Controls has something for you. Explore their range of premium steering wheels, button boxes, and accessories, each designed to elevate your sim racing experience and bring you closer to the real thing.

Cube Control Products for sale at

Steering wheels

The Cube Controls steering wheels come in different shapes. They have formula steering wheels and GT steering wheels. All of them are inspired by real-life motorsport and crafted with those materials.

All steering wheels are for sale at


Pedals make the biggest difference on your sim racing performance. Even more than steering wheels or direct drive systems do. Luckily, Cube Controls pedals are one of the best sim racing pedals. Currently, there is the formula variant and the GT variant of the SP01 pedals.

Both pedals are from the same materials and have an equal performance. The difference is solely visual.

Steering wheel accessories

For the ultimate gateway to seamless racing control, you have to take a look at the universal quick release set made by Cube Controls. It’s an essential sim racing accessory. Its universal compatibility allows you to fit it on all standard diameters in the market (50.8mm or 70mm). And of course, it’s built to last.

Take a look at the product page for additional information.

Cube Controls Pedals

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Cube Controls. If your question isn’t included, please reach out to our support team for additional information.

Does Cube Controls work with Fanatec?

Yes, Cube Controls products can work with Fanatec wheelbases, but with some key points to consider:


  • Steering wheels: All Cube Controls steering wheels require a Fanatec Podium Hub adapter to connect to a Fanatec wheelbase.
  • Button boxes: These should work directly with Fanatec bases via USB connection.

Additional points:

  • Not all features might work: Certain functions of the Cube Controls product might not be fully supported by the Fanatec ecosystem. You'll need to check their detailed compatibility information for specific features.
  • Performance: While compatible, you might not experience the full potential of the Cube Controls product compared to using it with a compatible base from Cube Controls or other brands.
  • Additional cost: The Fanatec Podium Hub adds an extra expense to your setup.

It’s wise to check with the support teams of the manufacturer, or with our support, to avoid any compatibility issues.

How do you connect a Cube Control Wheel?

Typically, you'll connect the included coiled USB cable to the wheel and your PC's USB port. Your computer should automatically recognize the device. Some wired wheels offer console compatibility via specific adapters. Check the Cube Controls website or manual for the exact steps and supported consoles.

Where is Cube Controls located?

Cube Controls is located in Sardinia, Italy.

You can find their location details on their website:

Cube Controls discounts at

For the best Cube Controls discounts you can follow us on Instagram or sign up for the email letter. At Simplace, we have been offering discounts on Cube Controls products for up to 20%. Keep an eye out for seasonal sales or special promotions where Cube Controls might be included. is an authorized retailer of Cube Controls, ensuring product authenticity and warranty support. If you have any questions about the products, please contact our support team of experts to help you choose what is right for you.

Feel free to check other brands that might be of interest to you:

You can also take advantage of our Simplace Marketplace and buy pre-owned Cube Controls products. This gives you to the chance to buy the products cheaper and even sell your old sim racing gear.



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