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Fanatec ClubSport DD: Best Mid-Range Direct Drive?

Fanatec ClubSport DD: Best Mid-Range Direct Drive?

, door Alex Myastan, 6 min leestijd

This compares the value of the Fanatec CS DD(+) with the Moza R12, Simagic Alpha Mini, Asetek La Prima and Logitech G-Pro.

The Fanatec ClubSport DD's most impressive feature is how quickly it gets to 12 N·m and that it can stay there for an hour, or longer… Now, if you can use a direct drive at a stable 12 N·m for an hour, then I can only imagine that every single pickle jar on earth fears your forearms.

Along with the 12 N·m model, there is also a 15 N·m model called the ClubSport DD+. The only reason to buy it as a non-Pro would be for its Playstation compatibility. On the 12 N·m model, only exceptionally heavy wheels could mute the force feedback of the ClubSport DD. Otherwise, it will satisfy every enthusiast’s need for newton metres.

Fanatec also introduced a new immersion feedback system called Fullforce. Fanatec positions it asForce Feedback 2.0 for Direct Drive. Their previous system was built to work with belt and gear-driven wheel bases - how far we have come! Fullforce promises to add further immersive details that were missing in their earlier direct drives. It’s also their first wheel base to ship with their new QR2.

Read on to find out how the ClubSport DD compares with the rest of the mid-range market, namely the Moza R12, Asetek La Prima, Simagic Alpha Mini and Logitech G-Pro.



A couple of articles ago I explored the idea of TPE: Torque per Euro. It’s a formula based on every single direct drive on the market, and then it determines which direct drives are overvalued or undervalued, based solely on their price excluding VAT (for a fairer comparison).

Of course there are more factors than just torque, like pulses per revolution (i.e. precision), slew rate (i.e. response time), temperature control and bundle items, but looking at just torque is a good start.

Mid-range wheels value comparison excluding outliers like Leo Bodnar SimSteering2 and Simucube 2 Ultimate

Here are how the mid-range wheels stack up in value. I have excluded some outliers: the Leo Bodnar SimSteering2 direct drives, the Simucube 2 Ultimate and the ludicrous, experimental 65 N·m direct drive from Sim-plicity. If you are wondering about the other unnamed direct drives in the mid-range: these are from Sim-plicity. They are good value for money, but are less precise than the premium brands: Their direct drives have PPRs of 2500 or 5000, while Moza, for comparison, has a PPR of 32,768 on most of their direct drives.

The Fanatec ClubSport DD certainly looks worth it. It comes in cheaper than both the Moza R12 and Asetek La Prima, as well as the Logitech G-Pro, but keep in mind that the G-Pro is bundled with a steering wheel. In the bigger picture, the ClubSport DD is just under the line of standard value, while the DD+ is a bit above this line, and interestingly, matches the Simagic Alpha in both price and torque. Talk about direct competition!

If you want to see our full article on TPE applied to all entry-level and mid-range direct drives (<15 N·m) then check it out. I’ll be writing another article about TPE, applied to all direct drives, and attempting to incorporate more factors into the value formula. Sign-up to our newsletter to get notified when new articles are published.

Keep updated with our growing knowledge base!


All the information I am going on is based on what Fanatec has said, so some of their claims are yet to be tested on the track. Here is quick look at the most important info:

  • Similar motor and magnets to the CSL DD.
  • Same housing as the CSL DD, so Fanatec table clamp and other mount fitting will fit both.
  • Full aluminium shaft.
  • Fullforce: A new Force Feedback 2.0 made for direct drives.
  • Best-in-class slew rate i.e. response time of torque.
  • Maintains full torque for over an hour.
  • Reaches a max of 45° in Fanatec’s testing, while other compact direct drives can suffer from overheating. Impressive given it uses a passive cooling system, and runs for an hour!
  • Comes with the QR2, although there is a QR1 downgrade option coming soon. (Note that the QR2 Lite Wheel-Side is limited to 8 N·m. Read more about the QR2 Lite vs Standard vs Pro here.)
  • The ClubSport DD is compatible with PC, Xbox One® and Xbox Series X|S.
  • The ClubSport DD+ is compatible with PC, PS4 and PS5.
Fanatec ClubSport DD response time illustrated through in-house tests

This is taken from the Fanatec site, illustrating the response time of the ClubSport DD in their in-house tests.


The Fanatec CS DD is good value and has impressive features for a compact direct drive that runs at 12 N·m. If you are looking to make a jump into the mid-range direct drives, this provides solid competition against the Moza R12 and Asetek La Prima especially, although we need proof that Fanatec has addressed the small details of immersion it lacked with the Force Feedback 1.0 system.

On the other hand, The CS DD+ is probably more than most people need. Besides, if you are at the 15 N·m threshold, then it’s time to look up at the Simucube 2, where the pennies in your pocket will only weigh you down. Who needs a holiday anyway?

Info Fanatec ClubSport DD Fanatec ClubSport DD+
Price (Incl. VAT) €999/$999 €699/$699
Peak Torque 12 N·m 15 N·m
Available Nov 28, 2023 Dec 19, 2023
Compatibility PC, Xbox One® and Xbox Series X|S PC, PS4 and PS5
Fanatec Link 🡵 🡵

Simplace is a Sim Racing and Flight Simulation store based in the Netherlands, and ships globally. Unfortunately we don’t stock Fanatec as they much prefer to sell exclusively, but we stock direct drives from Moza Racing, Simagic, Asetek, Simucube and more.

Sleek design of Fanatec ClubSport DD, demonstrating its compact yet powerful build

The Fanatec ClubSport DD looks sleek. It seems dynamite does come in small packages…



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