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Moza TSW Trucking Steering Wheel for Trucking Simulators

MOZA TSW: The Revolutionary Truck Wheel Arrives at!

, door Mark Verwoert, 4 min leestijd

Calling all truck simulation enthusiasts! Buckle up for a revolution in your virtual driving experience with the MOZA TSW, the world's first steering wheel designed specifically for truck simulators. Launched just days ago on February 27th, the MOZA TSW is poised to redefine the genre, merging unparalleled realism with cutting-edge features.

Engineered for Unmatched Realism in Truck Simulation Games

The MOZA TSW boasts a classic four-spoke design with a 400mm diameter, mirroring the standard size of real truck wheels. This meticulous attention to detail translates to an incredibly realistic and immersive experience, whether you're navigating bustling highways in Euro Truck Simulator or cultivating vast fields in Farming Simulator.

Additionally, the TSW features realistic button placement, replicating the layout found in actual trucks for intuitive control and muscle memory development. Finally, the precise force feedback accurately simulates the weight and resistance felt when maneuvering a heavy-duty vehicle, further solidifying the TSW's position as the ultimate tool for realistic truck simulation.

Moza TSW American Truck Simulator

Crafted for Comfort and Durability During Long Hauls

MOZA doesn't compromise on quality. The TSW features a premium microfiber leather rim, meticulously hand-stitched for exceptional comfort and long-lasting durability. The aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame further enhances the wheel's robustness, ensuring countless hours of immersive gameplay on your favorite truck simulation titles.

This combination of premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship guarantees a reliable and comfortable driving experience, built to withstand the demands of even the most dedicated virtual truckers.

MOZA TSW Enhanced Features for Precision and Control

Take full command of your virtual truck with the TSW's 14 short-travel, RGB backlit buttons. These buttons offer a tactile and responsive feel, allowing for quick and precise inputs during even the most intense maneuvers. Customize your experience with the customizable RPM LED lights. These lights can be programmed to display various information, such as engine speed or gear selection, providing valuable visual cues and enhancing your immersion.

Additionally, the all-aluminum quick-release system ensures seamless compatibility with all MOZA bases. This allows you to easily switch between the TSW and other MOZA wheels without needing any additional tools, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience for your sim racing setup.

Moza TSW RGB Backlit Buttons and Control Panel

Open Ecosystem Ensures Compatibility with Your Existing Setup

MOZA prioritizes inclusivity within the sim racing community. The TSW boasts an open ecosystem, allowing for compatibility with third-party bases through the MOZA universal hub kit. This ensures you can integrate the TSW seamlessly into your existing setup, regardless of your preferred base.

Experience the Real World Virtually

The MOZA TSW goes beyond aesthetics. Featuring dual-mode communication and an intuitive user interface, the wheel allows for extensive customization and versatility. Backed by rigorous testing and fine-tuning, the TSW is designed to elevate your truck simulation experience to unprecedented heights.

Moza TSW Truck Mount Positioning

MOZA TSW Dedicated Truck Mount for Authentic Positioning

For an even more authentic driving experience, the TSW pairs seamlessly with a dedicated truck mount bracket. This ensures you can achieve the perfect driving position, further immersing yourself in the world of virtual trucking.

Imagine yourself comfortably gripping the wheel, extending your arm to reach the turn signals, and feeling the slight lean as you navigate corners - all thanks to the dedicated mount's ability to replicate the ergonomics of a real truck cab. This level of detail adds a layer of realism that elevates your sim racing experience to new heights.

Level Up Your Immersion with the MOZA Multi-Function Stalk (Coming Soon)

MOZA's commitment to enhancing the truck simulation experience doesn't stop at the TSW. Coming in May, the multi-function stalk is designed to complement the TSW perfectly. This accessory replicates the functionality of real vehicle stalks, offering 26 distinct signals for comprehensive control over turn signals, lighting, cruise control, and more.

Moza Multi-Function Stalk

Experience the MOZA TSW Difference: Innovation in Truck Simulation

Since 2012, MOZA Racing has been a driving force in sim racing innovation. The MOZA TSW Truck Wheel and the upcoming Multi-function Stalk are testaments to this dedication. By prioritizing realism, user experience, and community inclusivity, MOZA sets a new standard for truck simulation peripherals.

Ready to take your truck simulation experience to the next level?

Buy your MOZA TSW steering wheel today at!



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