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Brand Spotlight: Simucube

, door Mark Verwoert, 6 min leestijd

Simplace is glad to have Simucube, a leading name in high-fidelity force feedback technology, as part of our ever-expanding range of sim racing hardware. Renowned for their commitment to precision engineering and innovative design, Simucube products are crafted to deliver an unrivaled level of immersion and realism for sim racing enthusiasts.

Founded by a team of passionate engineers from Finland, Simucube has established itself as a trusted brand amongst serious sim racers seeking to push the boundaries of their virtual driving experience. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the Simucube product line, exploring the features and benefits that make them a standout choice for your sim racing setup.

About Simucube

Born from the passion of Finnish engineers, Simucube (Granite Devices) has established itself as a leading force in the sim racing hardware scene. Their unwavering commitment to precision engineering and innovative design is evident in their products, renowned for delivering unrivaled force feedback. This translates to an unmatched level of immersion and realism for sim racing enthusiasts, allowing them to truly feel the nuances of the track and car.

Simucube caters specifically to serious sim racers who yearn to push the boundaries of their virtual driving experience. Their dedication to continuous innovation ensures their products remain at the forefront of sim racing technology. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or an aspiring driver, Simucube offers the tools you need to elevate your sim racing to the next level.

Furthermore, Simucube prioritizes durability and reliability, ensuring their products can withstand the demands of even the most intense sim racing sessions. Their commitment to quality extends beyond the product itself, with exceptional customer support to offer a smooth and enjoyable experience for every user.

Simucube Pro Wheel base Direct Drive System

Simucube products

Simucube's product line encompasses a range of high-performance sim racing hardware designed to deliver unparalleled force feedback and an unmatched level of immersion. From their flagship direct drive wheelbases to their innovative pedal sets and steering wheels, each product is crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of the sim racing experience.

Steering wheels

Crafted to complement the renowned force feedback technology, Simucube steering wheels offer the perfect blend of sophisticated design, authentic materials, and exceptional craftsmanship.

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Sim racing pedals

Unlike traditional pedals relying solely on spring resistance, Simucube pedals employ cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled realism and control. Choose from options featuring either load cell brakes for exceptional pressure sensitivity or hydraulic systems for an incredibly realistic feel.

These pedals will have an instant effect on your sim racing performance.

Direct drive systems

Simucube's flagship products, the Simucube 2 series of direct drive wheelbases, represent the pinnacle of their innovative engineering. These powerful systems redefine the boundaries of force feedback, delivering unmatched torque, lightning-fast response times, and unparalleled detail. Experience the full spectrum of forces at play, from the subtle tire grip changes to the violent jolts of kerbs, with incredible accuracy and fidelity.

Whether you're a seasoned competitor chasing podium finishes or an aspiring driver honing your skills, the Simucube 2 series offers the ultimate platform to push the boundaries of your virtual driving experience.


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Simucube TAKHO GT-21 Wireless Sim Racing Wheel

Frequently asked questions

In this section, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about Simucube and its products.

Is Simucube 2 worth it?

The Simucube 2 Pro is a high-end direct drive wheelbase that offers top-tier force feedback fidelity, detail, and responsiveness, making it ideal for serious sim racers seeking an immersive and realistic experience. While its price tag is a significant investment, its build quality, wireless technology, and potential for precise driving improvement may be worth it for those seeking the absolute best in sim racing hardware.

Is Simucube Finnish?

Yes, Simucube is Finnish. The company behind it, Granite Devices, is based in Tampere, Finland, and proudly emphasizes its Finnish design and manufacturing process in its marketing materials and company information.

Is Simucube compatible with Playstation?

No, Simucube products are not officially compatible with PlayStation consoles (PS4 or PS5) according to their official FAQ. This is because they lack the necessary Sony licensing for official support. However, there are workarounds involving third-party adapters like GIMX and DriveHub that allow some functionality with limitations. It's important to note that these solutions are not officially supported by Simucube and may have compatibility or functionality issues.

What type of motor is the Simucube Pro?

The Simucube Pro uses a high response speed direct drive optimized with a ultra-low torque ripple motor.

This description highlights several key characteristics:

  • Direct drive: This means the motor is directly connected to the wheel shaft, providing a more immediate and responsive force feedback experience compared to belt-driven systems.
  • High response speed: This indicates the motor's ability to react quickly to changes in-game, delivering detailed and nuanced force feedback.
  • Ultra-low torque ripple: This refers to minimal unwanted vibrations or inconsistencies in the force feedback, resulting in a smoother and more realistic feel.

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